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About Us

We are a humble cottage bakery located in the county of Los Angeles. 

We use locally sourced organic ingredients. The organic flour used in our baked goods is stone milled sourced from regionally grown grains.  Some of these grains are heritage grains. What are heritage grains? Grains that have not been genetically adulterated. They are rich in flavor and naturally existing trace minerals.

We use natural leavening (also known as sourdough starter) in all of our products which allows you to easily digest and quickly absorb the nutrients in the grains.

Why Antigua? Its a spanish word meaning ancient and old world. We felt that the name of our bakery should represent what we do and how we do it. Everything is done by hand and the fermentation process we use is highly influenced by old world techniques. It's a labor of love carefully crafting flavor and using time as our main ingredient.

A bakery has always been at the heart of each community. With a single oven baking for the entire village, it has been a place for people to gather while breaking bread. We feel it is our responsibility as artisan bakers to maintain this tradition and to offer our own local community the same quality of breads and pastries that have existed for hundreds of years.



Our wild yeast starter was born in 2008 and aptly named Archard (a German name meaning strong and bold). The first few years after his birth we spent countless sleepless nights learning about his growth and personality. He is such a forgiving ecosystem which survived our experimentations and lack of experience while making sourdough bread. Often times we neglected him and put him to sleep for one years time.

Today Archard is happy and actively thriving helping us develop a variety of flavor profiles. It’s maintained and fed using organic rye and organic hard red flour.

Archard falls under his family category of ferments or cultures. They are ecosystems composed of multiple species of wild yeast and (good) bacteria. The bacteria are lactic-acid producing bacteria aka lactobacillus. This good bacteria is often found in many other fermented foods like yogurt, pickled fruits and veggies.

The ecosystem found in Archard produces many digestive health benefits by increasing the nutritional value of the baked goods we produce. Cultures or ferments contain multiple species of yeast and lactobacillus, this helps control (bad) yeast over growths. According to “The Art of Fermentation,” by author Sandro Katz, The long fermentation period pre-digests foods, ‘making nutrients more bioavailable, and in many cases fermentation generates additional nutrients or removes anti-nutrients or toxins.’


Please check out this Netflix Documentary Episode Titled "Air".  It explains in detail the benefits of naturally leaven fermented breads


Where is your retail store?

Antigua Artisan Bread is a cottage micro-bakery meaning all of our baked goods are handcrafted from our home. Our production is driven by a pre-order system. This maximizes the use of our locally grown resources and minimizes any waste.

What is Artisan Bread?

Artisan bread is best described by thinking about the person who carefully handcrafts each bread. An artisan baker is a skilled artist trained to the highest ability to mix, ferment, shape and bake handcrafted breads and pastries. The artisan baker understands the chemical and scientific reactions of each ingredient. This enables the artisan baker to provide the best environment for developing amazing flavor profiles in each baked good.

Ready to try our bread?

Drop us a line today for more info about our bread products!


Orders placed online will be baked on TUESDAY of the following week. The bread dough goes through a 12-14 fermentation process, so please be patient. Good things are worth waiting for. 😉


Once you place your order we will send you an email as a confirmation with the specific date and time your order will be baked and


Free, of course. Select PICK-UP, then after checking out you will receive a confirmation email with the address and pick-up times for your order.



We can not accept any returns for a refund since we are making and immediately delivering a fresh product. If you have a significant issue with your purchase, please contact us using the email address below and we will do our level best to make it right.

If your order is cancelled within 24 hours or before preparations begin, you wil receive a full refund. If you must cancel your order after it has been prepared or we cannot locate you at the address you provided for local delivery (and we cannot contact you by the next day), we will charge a $6 'Cancellation Fee' ($3 more per additional item) and the balance will be refunded.


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  • Farmers Harvest in full bloom good job team @dollface_bby #ladybakers 
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  • Breadfans it's bread week! Featuring the FARMERS HARVEST LOAF from our Spring menu. This loaf is the heart and soul of what our cottage bakery strives to do by supporting local farmers and honor the fruit of their labor. And in turn bring our community access to #REALBREAD. It's made with 100% grains of this year's grain harvest from @tehachapigrainproject @tandafarms @ranchollanoseco and @communitygrains. If you didn't get to try it on our last bake day now's your chance. Simply place your order by clicking the link in our profile. 
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  • Farmers Harvest in the morning light 
#organic #vegan #art #surdeg #pan #foodvsco #buzzfeast #handcrafted #freshmilled #grains #igers #sourdough #bread #realbread #bbga #yahoofood #foodie #bröd #igbreadclub #igbaker #slowfood #naturallyleavened #love #fermentation #microorganisms #biology #pao #teamrofco #rofco

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